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   USA Softball of Kansas
Adult & Youth Softball

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Teams & umpires - any tournament you participate in must be a sanctioned event for your insurance to be valid.  Participation in unsanctioned events is at your own risk!  Contact your district commissioners if you have any questions!

USA Softball Launches a new resource center for fastpitch coaches!

Visit the website at:

Official Rules of USA Softball

Stay on top of the game by learning the Official Rules of Softball, as published by USA Softball.

Now available for iOS (iPhones/iPads) and for Android devices, find out how our Apps can help you learn the rules of softball. The app includes a free copy of the Umpire Manual and an interactive map with local Umpire-In-Chief contact information.

Note: USA Softball's printed rule book is not for sale. Rulebooks are included with registration materials when you register your team or when you register as an Umpire with USA Softball. For more information on USA Softball's registration process please visit the USA Softball local association’s page and contact your local association.  

 TOURNAMENTS:  Kansas USA Softball is dedicated to providing quality events for both Adult & Youth softball throughout the state.  Tournaments are posted on the website.

Select Kansas or Kansas City for events within the Kansas and KC Metro area.

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